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The Cziráky mansion and its park await visitors in a state before renovation.

The remnants of the painting decoration of the classicist building are still beautiful in their incomplete state and are worth seeing. The mansion is open at weekends.

site description

The earliest, south-western wing of the building complex of the Cziráky mansion in Lovasberény was erected in the late 15th century. Count Sigbert Heister general took possession of the estate and renovated the building in 1698. The Cziráky family bought the mansion and the surrounding estate in 1730. After Count György Cziráky’s death in 1775, his brother inherited both the mansion and the estates.

An extensive English landscape garden was created around the classicist mansion. There is an artificial lake with an intricate layout, a small waterfall and an island in the park. The hill formed from the soil exploited to make the lake was named after the two owners, Antal and Rózsa. Beside the natural interests, a palm house, a hunting lodge, a stone bridge spanning over the spring, and a romantic fishing cottage on the bank of the lake await visitors. When facing the mansion, guests can see the three semi-circular doors hiding behind the richly ornamented Roman Ionic columns and leading into the central hall stretching up to the first floor. The Cziráky coats of arms decorate the triangular wall surface (tympanum) over the columns while the portico is adorned with reliefs depicting mythical scenes.

A visit to the mansion offers romantic recreation and a spectacular walk in the park.

contact us

Address: 8093 Lovasberény, Vörösmarty u. 
Phone: +36 20 573 1897, +36 20 492 3576
Email: czirakykastely@nofnkft.hu

56 kilometres from Budapest.

opening hours

In spring and summer: Saturday and Sunday: 11.00-17.00
In autumn and winter: Saturday and Sunday: 11.00-16.00.


ticket prices

Adult ticket: HUF 500


Concession: HUF 250

children and young adults aged 6-26

visitors aged 62 and over

one adult accompanying at least two children under the age of 18    


Family ticket: HUF 1000

1 or 2 adults + 1 or more children under the age of 18  


Group ticket: HUF 400 a head

for a group of a minimum of 15 people


Photo ticket: 500 Ft