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The Festetics mansion in Dég is the earliest outstanding Classicist mansion in Hungary. Its porticoed central part is very similar to the National Museum in Budapest as both buildings – and the orange house belonging to the mansion – were designed by Mihály Pollack. One of the largest English gardens of Hungary, the same size as the Central Park, lies in front of the mansion. The park boasts ancient trees and plant specialties. The mansion and the picturesque English landscape garden is a popular filming location.


The mansion garden was created at the confluence of three brooks on a gentle slope. Its fishing lake is the longest one found in Hungarian parks. The rose garden with the tennis court and the neoclassic trellis was formed parallel to the modernization of the mansion, in the 1920s. Visitors can still see the neo-Gothic pump house and the “antique spring” looking like a ruin that were built at that time.


The peculiar building called hollandi ház (Dutch house) rising on the island of the lake of the garden encompassing the mansion was erected in 1891. The red-brick house built in the style of the Low Countries is something of a curiosity in Hungary and it was originally a model dairy farm. The island could once be approached only by a boat drawn by a cable but today a wooden bridge leads to the house.

The mansion is being renovated now but its picturesque English garden, the Serpentine lake system, the pond around the burial mound, as well as the pedestrian bridges spanning the lakes can be visited undisturbed.

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