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H-2890 Tata, Kastély tér 1.

The splendour and historic environment of the Esterházy Palace renovated in 2020 offer an unforgettable experience as a location of civil wedding ceremonies. Choose the imposing assembly hall capable of accommodating 50 guests or the elegant ceremonial courtyard as the location of the most beautiful day of your life. The palace provides couples with high-tech equipment.

Offer for ceremonies

The imposing rooms of the palace are a fantastic location for wedding ceremonies every day of the year. The ceremony, depending on the weather, can be held in the ceremonial courtyard as the monumental size, the splendid artistic details and the renovated rooms of the palace give a stunning view.


Offer for photography

Take your engagement or wedding photographs in the picturesque English landscape garden or in the imposing ceremonial courtyard of the palace. If the weather is cloudy, our inner locations also offer excellent backgrounds for wedding photos.

Name and size of the rooms (m2)Capacity (person) according to different seating layouts
  Cocktail style Theatre style U shape Cabaret style 
Inner courtyard1200400150100
Rear garden 90001500
VIP Green Parlour7050502060
Event hall7050702050
Event venue, café7050
Private meeting rooms (2 pieces)3010

Maximum capacity:


150 people

Events we organize
  • Civil wedding ceremony
  • Wedding photography
  • Engagement photography
  • Proposal
Additional information

Accessible for disabled people, Air-conditioned, A band can be accommodated



Although there is no catering service in the palace, we can offer suppliers.



Although there is no accommodation service in the palace, we can offer providers.